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Live Blogging at Beverly Center Apple Store! Angel Got His Phone! More Lines!

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The good news is that #1 in line at the Beverly Center Apple Store Angel Cornejo ended up getting his 16GB white iPhone at 10:04am, though turned away at first. He was able to get proper information and return and triumph, after waiting in line since 1am! We really felt bad for the guy.

Meanwhile #2 in line Andrew Ryan Warmuth, who arrived at 2:30am, was in-store until 11:04am, with his girlfriend Nalita Murray keeping him company. "It's still not activated," he told Racked. "I'm really kind of regretting this whole thing." He looked very exhausted, but Nalita piped in: "I'll be here tomorrow getting mine."

And the lines continue inside and out. There's a queue by Quiznos at La Cienega and Beverly Boulevard 40 strong, while inside the 200-plus person line holds tight. People are still being quite patient, with a few weary faces. And people are still coming.
· Live Blogging at Beverly Center Apple Store! [Racked]