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Designer Collabs: Louis Vuitton and Comme des Garçons Sneak Peek

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Photo via Nitrolicious

We mentioned that Comme des Garçons designer Rei Kawakubo would be designing Louis Vuitton monogram pattern bags for the fashion house, which would come to a pinnacle in a joint Tokyo store this fall. Now Nitrolicious has posted images of the collection, which does not disappoint in Kawakubo's always forward approach. Per the post, which includes the press release about the collab project:

"Rei Kawakubo has dedicated and re-designed the entire Comme des Garcons store on Kottodori, Omotesando especially for Louis Vuitton for the duration of the project, from 4th September through mid-December, into a space that will be a celebration of the Louis Vuitton Monogram. The fruit of this unprecedented collaboration—an exclusive collection of six one-off bags—will be presented in a minimalist space, at the centre of which will be a display of historic Louis Vuitton trunks."

If you're not in Tokyo, you will be out of luck however: "The bags will only be available upon order, which is only to be placed at the 'Louis Vuitton at Comme des Garçons store.' No telephone or Internet orders will be taken." Check Nitrolicious for more pics.
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