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Line Report: iPhone Line Begins in Pasadena

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We know at least one person in in line at the Pasadena Apple Store, one of the few simply on the street and not part of a mall. Don Palmigiano, with his sleeping bag posted on iPhone Matters last night at 9:08pm:

"It’s Official: I Have Lined Up! I am starting a new tradition: being 1st in line at my local Apple store for every major product release. Last year I spent about 100 hours in line for the first generation iPhone. At about 36 hours, this year, I have officially started the line at my local store. Crazy right? The 3G madness has commenced! If you would like to say hello, come down and visit the Pasadena Apple Store. You are also welcome to come and line up next to me, the line is lonely."

Per sales staff a the Pasadena Apple Store, there were a few people lined up this morning, but couldn't confirm that they were still out there, though Don reports in comments that a fourth person had turned up.

In terms of other Apple Stores in the area, several have instructions for lining up tomorrow, the lowdown after the jump:

· Per the Beverly Center Apple Store, a line will start at 6am at La Cienega and Beverly, right near the Quiznos.

· The Grove Apple Store reports that the mall is not allowing people to line up until 7am tomorrow morning, which staff underscored was mandated by the mall, not the Apple store. Hadn't seen anyone trying to line up.

· Century City Apple Store reports no lines, and didn't know of any kind of protocol regarding the mall.

· Glendale Galleria Apple Store staff told us a line will start at 5am by the JC Penney bridge to the parking lot.

· The 3rd Street Promenade Apple Store says no one in line yet, and "didn't really think this was going to be a big deal." Staff said they didn't think there would be any problem for those that wanted to camp out.

Got any line scoop, or are you planning on lining up? Let us know.
· It’s Official: I Have Lined Up! [iPhone Matters]