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Molly's One Fashion Regret

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In an article with the Los Angeles Times, we find a grown up Molly Ringwald dishing on her iconic '80s style. In the regret column for the actress—who's getting ready to star in ABC's The Secret Life of the American Teenager (as a mom, not a teenager)—"Now, I wish that I kept those boots...I loved those boots." She's talking about those boots she wore in The Breakfast Club: "The lace-up Ralph Lauren equestrian boots that grazed her freckled knees in the film became every teen girl's tantrum-inducing must-have in 1985." We agree, dear Molly. In fact, that whole skirt, top, boots and belt ensemble all felt incredibly sophisticated at the time, and still does in the face of much '80s fashion that just didn't hold up. In light of the decade's current resurgence in the world of fashion, we have one request. Please, please do not bring back the shoulder pads. [LAT]

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