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Launches & Releases: 3G iPhone Coming Out July 11!

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Photo via Gizmodo

It's only getting better. Per Gizmodo: "Steve Jobs confirmed the long-rumored iPhone 3G, which is what he actually called it. It hits stores in the US and over 70 other countries on July 11th. Here it will costs $199 for the 8GB version, and $299 for the 16GB one."

Per the blog, key features include: "Charcoal Back, Solid Metal Buttons, Same 3.5" Display, Camera, Flush Headphone Jack, Dramatically Improved Audio." Plus GPS! In terms of battery life: "8-10 hours of talk time, 5 hours 3G talk time, 5-6 hours of browing, 24 hours of audio battery" Outlining the improvement to 3G: "Showing a EDGE vs 3G comparison loading a webpage, 3G took 21 seconds. EDGE...59 seconds! Same phone, same location. 2.8X faster—and they claim loads webpages faster than Nokia N95 (33 seconds) or Treo 750 (34 seconds)." Go ahead and get in line.
· The 3G iPhone Is Official, July 11th Starting at $199 [Gizmodo]