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Just Hillin': Whitney Ports' New Hills Spin-Off, LC's Got Butterflies, Heidi's Fantasy World

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Photo via MTV

1) Whitney Port: Laguna Beach begat The Hills, which we learn from Us Weekly via The Cut, is spawning a Whitney Port spin-off: "When we heard earlier this week that The Hills was being filmed at Upstairs in Soho, we knew something was up...According to Us Weekly, Whitney Port is shooting her own spinoff show in which she 'becomes bicoastal' while working for PR firm People's Revolution." The Cut is not too optimistic about this development: "...we can't see Whitney carrying an entire series. Unlike every other Hills character, she doesn't seem depressed enough deep down inside to carry her own reality show. Would we really all tune in every week if Lauren weren't always pouty, Heidi weren't always lonely, and Audrina weren't physically vanishing?" [The Cut]

2) Lauren Conrad: The Hills star's latest Beach Butterfly collection is now avail for pre-order and has a fan in Fabsugar: "The name may be a bit cheesy, but I would say Lauren Conrad's latest collection, Beach Butterfly, is my favorite. That's because it includes the dress that Whitney Port wore during Lauren's show at LA Fashion Week...I remember loving it..." The dress is the Whit dress; there's also an Audri dress. [Fabsugar]

3) Heidi Montag: File this under when hell freezes over. Per Pretty Boring: "Heidi tells In Touch that she has bigger plans than just a reality show and trashy, tacky fashion line—she wants to be a really big star. 'I plan to win an Oscar. I’m very ambitious.'" [Pretty Boring]