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(Vicarious) Rackage: Valley of the Dolls on Beverly, Plus Re-Ment Event

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Photo via LAist

We know the kids love 'em, as do some adults, and, of course, it's big business, but dolls are kind of creepy, like clowns. We'd seen Valley of the Dolls on Beverly Boulevard, but perhaps it was because we'd past by at night, we got Twilight Zone kind of willies. But that didn't stop LAist, who interviewed owner Scot Reyes, and took tons of photos. Have to admit, it's a lot more inviting in the light of day with kids browsing the shelves. Per the blog: "From Pullips wearing fishnet tights to Rozen Maidens in elaborate costumes, these are no ordinary dolls. The Blythe dolls wear groovy clothes and stare at you with their very real looking eyes. Add some Gloomy Bears, miniatures, and Japanese plushies and you have found a toy heaven." See, "very real looking eyes," a little creepy! But, we digress...

There's an event going on at the shop Saturday, June 7, 2pm-4pm, per Reyes: "Re-Ment is a line of Japanese miniature furniture and food. It’s all about miniature play...Re-Ment International will be here to represent the company. We are going to build a huge doll-house and a miniature size clothing boutique. We will have cupcakes and no one will leave empty handed. We are raffling off a Re-Ment house and other items." Miniature is cute, though; check Re-Ment merch after the jump.
· LAist Goes Shopping: The Valley of the Dolls [LAist]

Photo via LAist