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SATC Knock-Offs: Looking for 'Love' on the Cheap

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Photo left via FWD—the H.Stern original; photo right via Intuition—the knock-off

In the SATC frenzy, we distinctly remember reading about the 'Love' keychain Jennifer Hudson carries in the movie in FWD: "For the girls in New York who are still searching for love like Jennifer Hudson’s Sex and the City character, here’s a tip. H.Stern has custom made the 18 carat yellow gold ‘Love’ key chain that Louise held on to in the movie. Expect knock-offs!"

And here they come! Check the right image from Intuition, a 18 carat gold plated version. From the site: "Lusting for Love? So was Carrie Bradshaw and she discovered it using this symbol of Love! Just like the original this key chain can bring you luck where you need it most! Get the look in sterling silver or 18k gold plated." Of course, you'd have to pay a pretty penny for H.Stern's original (shown left), whereas the knock-off is $85 (which still seems a bit much).
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