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WSJ Still Debating Pantyhose: The Answer Is No

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No doubt there is a generational divide on the pantyhose issue—the baby boomers still clinging, literally, to the stifling leg death-wraps, and the youngsters (OK, that's relative for the 30-plusers) crinkling their noses at the thought of wriggling into control-tops with limp-as-a-noodle legs that seem to snag immediately. But the WSJ reminds us that it is still very much an issue in Wichita, Kansas, where President Jim Holt of Mid American Credit Union cautions: "We're not New York or San Francisco...We're the Midwest." As such, hose were strictly enforced... until recently. "Mid American's newly loosened dress code, allowing bare legs, will be announced to employees in coming weeks in a series of meetings." Yay! Uh, but wait.

Holt doesn't want to get too SF or NYC. The article warns: "Women at the credit union would be well-advised to listen closely. Mr. Holt says that when evaluating employees' performance in dress, as well as workmanship, he'll make a distinction between 'who is meeting the minimum standards and who is exceeding them.' In other words, hose will be optional but advised." Do you know of any workplace in LA where hose are enforced?
· Bare-Legged Ladies: Hosiery Reveals Office Divide [WSJ, subscription req]