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Video Rackage: Upper Playground and The Last Laugh

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Here's a little twist on our usual Rackage, where we look at recently-opened shops around town via photos. Vimby captured the Upper Playground and The Last Laugh opening Downtown, which gives a good idea of the space.

Photog Estevan Oriol, whose work is featured in retail space The Last Laugh, gives the Upper Playground tour, which offers a four-in-one shopping experience, with a gallery space and 'promotional experience' space, in addition to UP and The Last Laugh. In the video, we find out Oriol's been Downtown since 1996, and wanted to open there where he feels comfortable: "There's lots of people and character down here." And, unlike a lot of grand opening retail events, you can see in the video people are actually trying on and buying merch.
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