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Party (S)hopping: Chanel's New Robertson Boutique Not Fun For All

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You know, we weren't going to publish these pics of the Robertson Boulevard Chanel opening, figuring too late, old news, but in light of Pheobe Price's plight, we thought we should give readers an idea of just what model Price missed out on. What event would make someone so disgruntled as to threaten suing a brand for not letting them in a party? So, here it is, lots of celebs posing in Chanel—Amber Valletta, Angie Harmon, Rachel Bilson, Leighton Meester and others—having a grand ol' time in Price's absence. Oh, the horror!

And on a reader comment note, not everyone's so thrilled about the new boutique:

"...I see nothing in this article regarding the uphill battle the residents of this neighborhood have been fighting for a year and 1/2 against the construction company building this place (and the new Ralph Lauren 2 doors down), and all the laws they're breaking. For over a year, I (along w/ every neighbor on this street, who share an alleyway with Robertson) have been woken up at 5am to the sound of drills, cranes, cement trucks, hammering, drilling, etc...and the noise does not cease till 11pm or later, leaving a mere 6 hours of quiet time for residents. (LA law dictates no construction is allowed between 7pm and 7am, and NONE on Sundays). Every time a neighbor calls the cops, nothing happens. I wonder how many bribes Chanel and Ralph Lauren have paid out to run illegal building sites for over a year at the expense of an entire neighborhood?"

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