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(Vicarious) Rackage: Cipher Gallery on Fairfax

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Photo via LAist

The trick with going to Cipher Gallery at 165½ South Fairfax, just north of West 3rd Street, is catching the shop when it's opened. LAist did just that, capturing everything from anatomical charts and a shelf of doll heads to furnishings and beachy knickknacks your grandmother might love. Per the blog:

"'ll find framed insects, vintage biology charts, and antique funeral wreaths, alongside exotic statuary, idiosyncratic accessories, and glass human skulls...Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's short story 'The Gold Bug,' a tale in which a gold scarab points the protagonist to a cryptogram that leads to the incredible discovery of buried pirate treasure, Cipher Gallery houses unusual art and home decor. Owners Stacey Coleman and Lauren Raquel have created at aesthetic that evokes the Victorian fascination with the macabre."

Macabre is right, but you'll also find cards and intriguing jewelry pieces from indie designers. The shop's site says store hours are Tues-Sat 11am-6pm, so perhaps it has a more regular schedule now. Check all the images here.
· LAist Goes Shopping: Cipher Gallery [LAist]