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Launches & Releases: La Pisette's Form Ring

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LA jewelry designer Stacy Saunders, whose affordable semi-precious gemstone and gold wire cocktail rings have been featured in pubs like Teen Vogue, is venturing into new territory with her La Pisette Collection with the Form line. The first piece is a solid sterling silver ring, inspired by faceting found in gemstones, and available in either a matte or gloss finish. Saunders will steadily add pieces to the Form line; she told Racked: "I definitely will have a more '2D' piece that would be more like an outline of a stone, and I still want to explore more natural rock formations. I'm also interested in looking at using different materials—stainless steel and gold especially." The ring, $275 and a true piece, is currently available online. Also, check out her cocktails rings, which range from $35-$105.
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