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Protest! Jewish Defense League Not Jiving with Freshjive

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The Hundreds blog posted photos of a protest going on at Reserve boutique (Freshjive's flagship store) on Fairfax Avenue, a predominantly Jewish neighborhood. The Jewish Defense League (JDL) is responding to the streetwear label's T-shirts, depicting Palestinian child soldiers with the word "Victimized" on it, as well as a shirt with Arafat with "The Good Ol' Days!" scrolling at the bottom of the tee. The JDL blog has posted extensively about this issue. From a post from Sunday, June 8, giving the details of the rally held today:

"This clothing manufacturer, based in the garment district of downtown Los Angeles, is unashamedly manufacturing and marketing clothing geared for young people that contains the images of terrrorists. Yes, TERRORISTS! . . . A couple of weeks ago, I was alerted...e-tailer Urban Outfitters was selling a t-shirt that pictured Arab youths clutching machine guns along with images of the so-called Palestinian flag and the word 'victimized.'...I sent them an email with a request that it be given to Urban Outfitters CEO Richard Hayne. In it I promised that JDL would be holding demonstrations at UO stores across the United States/Canada and in Europe. An hour or so later, the shirt and ordering information was removed from the website..."

Freshjive CEO Rick Klotz has responded to criticisms on the label's site:

"This shirt shows various Palestinian kids with guns. I believe the image can be interpreted in many different ways, but some people are choosing to jump to the conclusion that it means that I am somehow 'jew-hating'. And in any case, is it not simply true that some Palestinian kids have become child soldiers due to the ongoing battle between Palestine and Israel?...I clearly have the right to make this statement, and stand behind my opinion of Palestinian victimization, as all of you critics have the right to offer your opinions of it."

In fact, not long ago, Klotz launched a blog, The World's Got Problems, written by Jason Rosencrantz, which per the release, focuses on world problems "such as imperialism, racism, sexism, voting mechanics, environmental degradation, torture, terrorism, etc...The posts will include links to hard news and news analysis, but also to the creative work of artists, musicians and video makers who use their craft to respond to these issues." Likely not the end of this saga.
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