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Discontinued: Fitzsu in Pasadena

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We got word from our Eater colleague that modern home decor, accessories and gifts shop Fitzsu at 65 West Green Street in Pasadena, across from DWR, closed down in April. Per the posted sign:

"It has been 5 years, the lease is up and we are gone... Sorry about that Pasadena, the memories are GRAND! It is only 10 miles to our Melrose location. You can also visit us online, anytime or if you are like many fitzsu-ians, click on that i-phone and join us right now at"

We also learn from the sign that Fitzsu has opened "the world's first Real Estate Lifestyle Store" in Palm Springs.

"...our new store located in Albert Frey's former Architectural worth the trip. This new Fitzsu is changing retail."

Intriguing. [RackedWire]