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Party (S)hopping: Benefit Cosmetics Rolls Out the Pink Carpet

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Next time you hear Benefit Cosmetics is having an in-store event, go ahead and pencil yourself in. Late last week, the West 3rd Street boutique hosted a Pink Carpet Event, which was teeming all night with attendees getting gratis lash/brow tinting, eyebrow waxes, and makeovers. There was plenty of spending going on, too—a benefit for customer and retailer with accompanying gift bags. There was also quite a spread from La Terza, Food Court LA, Sweet Lady Jane, plus cocktails. Regional Boutique Proprietor Mary Roggendorf told Racked it's part of an effort to get LA-ers more familiar with the boutique—both existing customers and people in the neighborhood, who may be walking by. Based on the stellar turnout, it seemed to be going according to plan. [RackedWire]