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Sellebrity: Wait A Minute, (Per LA Weekly) There Were People at the Perez Hilton for Hot Topic Launch

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So, this is an interesting development in the Perez Hilton for Hot Topic launch, which was said to be a total disaster with no people showing, per a Hot Topic employee via blog Jossip. The LA Weekly also attended the event (and took these images above) and reports on the line of people waiting outside Hot Topic:

"Who loves Perez Hilton? A couple of pretty girls look fit to faint as Hilton signs their stuff. They move over to the register to buy some Perez Hilton flip-flops. Next up is a 40-something woman. Then more teenage girls. Then a girl in a wheelchair escorted in by her father. She buys a puffy green Perez Hilton journal...Hilton signs the cover, then steps away from the large banner displaying his name in loopy pink script to crouch near her chair for a hug."

And there were apparently other journalists there, and a cheerful Perez responding to them with his usual smack. The question is, if this is what really happened—a respectable but certainly not stellar turnout with Perez playing host, being courteous to fans—then where did that rant from the Hot Topic employee come from? Is it completely fabricated by someone non-Hot Topic-related? There were other photos that showed a different picture of a very quiet storefront that made it seem as if virtually no one showed. Which is not to say that any of this is surprising, but it does go to show that Perez is at least partly in the right biz—retail might be struggling, but rumormongering is as strong as ever.
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