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Nearly Commando: Shibue Strapless G-Strings

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This brings us back to the Jeans Bikini Pants of yore. Actually, we were privy to Shibue's strapless g-string before we saw the bikini pants, way back at Magic—the massive trade show in Vegas—and the panty line-less panties somehow (we're not sure how) slipped our minds. SheFinds brought it all back to us. The blog was initially excited about the innovation "...until we read the company's advertising of the product as being 'perfect for form-fitting dresses, pole dancing, and sunbathing'...we started to wonder if we're really the kind of clientele who'd enjoy such a product....A little creepy, right? Like a pretty maxipad, or the most popular panties of a magical stripper."

What they're referring to is how the fabric is held up with double-sided tape; the panties, around $30, come with a bunch of disposable strips. SheFinds actually tries the adhesive underwear out with mixed feelings: "I'm wearing my strapless g-string right now, and evaluation in the mirror reveals that I look...kinda kinky, and more than a little absurd (though we imagine hubby will really dig the new skivvies)." We can tell you this: at Magic, this little booth drew a significant crowd. Would you Shibue?
· A Strapless What? G-String? But How?? [SheFinds]

Shibue's strapless g-string—a back view