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Kobe Nails It

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Along with being a snazzy dresser, Kobe Bryant is also impeccably groomed all the way down to his footsies. Per Us Weekly via All the Rage: "...the Laker had his dribbling digits and toes manicured in Boston in his hotel room between games 1 and 2. The technician says that Bryant was 'really concerned about the appearance of his hands and feet.' That detail tells us nothing...Did he request rounded or square tips? Apparently, Kobe gets mani-pedis before most games." Bryant isn't the only pro to indulge in hand/foot beautification: "New York Yankee Tony Womack and David Beckham get regular nail treatments and Houston Rocket Dikembe Mutombo even co-owns the Nseya Salon & Spa in Atlanta." [All the Rage]