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Sellebrity: Perez Hilton for Hot Topic Launches, Seven People Show

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OK, this image was clearly not taken at the launch of Perez Hilton's line for Hot Topic last Friday at its Hollywood & Highland store. The gossiper-of-all-gossipers published a cheery post the day of: "If you're in Los Angeles or visiting?..Come out and meet Perez tonight and be one of the first to rock some of the items from his new clothing and accessories collection for Hot Topic! Just stop by any Hot Topic store in the L.A.-area today to be guaranteed a wristband. Can't wait to see you all!!!!!"

But things clearly didn't go according to plan. This from a Hot Topic employee via Jossip: "...ONLY 7 people showed up.SEVEN.That’s it.Mario was BEYOND upset texting and DEMENDING the right water,food,ETC he was a rude royal pain in the ass and BEYOND crass...My manager was trying to get people to come in to meet Perez by handing out $5 gift cards NO ONE WANTED TO MEET HIM! ...he left around 8:45PM without saying goodbye to anyone & looked like he had been crying like the little bitch he is. We sold a grand total of $6.45 of Perez Hilton items between 6PM - 9PM. My manager has already talked about discounting his ‘line’ !” Apparently, his mom and sister were there to witness the humiliation. Ugh. But he has to know he's positioned himself against the world in such a way that people will relish the moment, and not feel bad about it.
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