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Above the Fray: ANKH Jewelry and Label NYC

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We did pop by the ANKH Jewelry and Label NYC pop-up shop before it closed, and wanted to give the lowdown as Label designer Laura Whitcomb said she'd really like to do it again and, if so, it's definitely worth checking out. The shop was held in a spacious one-bedroom inside a really lovely building at 609 South Burnside Street, between Wilshire and 6th; the one-bedroom is actually for rent, so shoppers could check out the apartment as well.

In terms of the merch, there was plenty of it filling three rooms. ANKH Jewelry had a nice set-up of designer Racquel Honore's multi-hued necklaces, earrings and bracelets at serious discount. Meanwhile, Label had tons of dresses and separates, as well as men's. Pieces went for as low as $1! Lots and lots for $20 and under. Whitcomb has substantial vintage archives, which she just kept pulling out and stocking. She told Racked that there was a brigade of hipster guys going through vintage suits, who, subsequently, left with armfuls of the stuff. Shoes, handbags and tees were also on tap. Look for updates on future Label/ANKH sale-age.
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