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Looking Like 10,000 Bucks: Key Closet's Diamond-Studded Jeans

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If blinged-out denim is your thing, join brand wearers Lindsay Price, Jamie Foxx, Terrell Owens, Too $hort and Korean pop star Tim (really needs a better pop star name) in the Swarovski crystal, diamond-studded, hand-threaded, hand-drawn, white gold-buttoned madness that is Key Closet. Per PR Newswire, the LA-based label "that's taken the fashion world by storm, announces its new $10,000 Jeans, the ultimate evolution in premium denim. With over 1,000 Tiffany-set Swarovski crystals on each pair, plus hand-drawn designs and one-carat diamonds on each back pocket, the $10,000 Jean is sure to be the most coveted accessory of the summer." Hm, we'll see.

Not sure if this first image actually shows the 5-digit jeans, but it's the pic included in the press release. You can even check the jeans in person, folks: "Don't miss the debut of the $10,000 Jeans at the upcoming Runway Magazine 'Summer Splash' Fashion Show being held on June 26 in Los Angeles at Boulevard 3...For tickets to this event email" Now, that will be a show.
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