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Style Conscience: The Green Gallery Eco Showcase

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The Gallery Los Angeles hosted The Green Gallery Eco Showcase & Trunk Show this weekend, an industry event for media, stylists and buyers. The goal was to promote eco-friendly brands in response to the growing demand for natural and organic products. Fifteen or so green brands were represented (with mimosas and DJ Freelook). Shoppers could purchase State of Mind Water and proceeds went to Drop in the Bucket, a charity that works to build clean drinking water wells in Africa.

Our first stop was at the Smart Glass Jewelry, a collection of stained glass necklaces and earrings made from recycled beer, wine, and soda bottles; Smart Glass actually has a license deal with Coca-Cola to use its classic glass bottle. The simple and earthly pieces played sharp contrast to Angel Court nearby, a jewelry line which culls old chains and focal points and combines them into layered edgy romantic, antique-looking pieces.

Across the room sat Avita, a line created by LA-based designer Amanda Shi and made from recycled and organic materials, such as bamboo spandex and recycled cashmere. The entire space was lined with Sea Bags, a line of water resistant totes hand-made from recycled sails.

Overall, the event showcased how new eco designers are aggressively raising the bar when it comes to quality of materials, durability of construction and originality of design. [RackedWire]