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Party (S)hopping: Christian Louboutin Signs Away at Barneys

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He came, he signed, he smiled! Christian Louboutin appeared at Barneys in Beverly Hills on Wednesday to promote his new fall collection and to sign Spring purchases. One shopper wasn’t sure if she had to buy his pricey pumps in store in order to receive an autograph, so she threw her last season Louboutins in a Barneys bag and shimmied into line with the rest of the shoe fanatics. Louboutin scribbled little notes and hearts on the infamous red soles for customers, who were lined up almost sixty deep before his arrival. They didn’t seem to mind the wait; servers came around every few minutes with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries to keep everyone nourished. And although a pair of Louboutin’s run for around $800, that didn’t stop ladies from buying three or four pairs for Christian to sign. [RackedWire]

Christian Louboutin

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