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Sellebrity: Perez Hilton for Hot Topic, Lindsay's Leggings Models

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Sellebrity is where you'll find famous faces fronting everything from perfume and mascara to liquor and leggings, or literally selling their personal crap.

Photo via Style It Less via Newscom

1) Perez Hilton: Wouldn't have anticipated the gossiper creating a line for chain Hot Topic available June 6 (pictured), but not surprised either. What wouldn't Perez do for pub? Of course, it sounds like a horrible idea. People sounding out at the outset, include Style It Less, "Interestingly enough, Perez is always making fun of celebrities coming out with their own clothing lines. Well, he opened the gates so here it goes. WTF kind of plaid pants are those? Neon colored pants? C’mon now. No self respecting women would wear hot pink or hot blue pants. Unless they’re like 100 and retiring in Florida. No offense Grandmas. All that stupid over usage of graphic print on the shirts...Give it up Perez." [Style It Less]

And The Cut: "Today is a dark day for fashion, as we must report that Perez Hilton is launching a clothing line. Of course, the line's for Hot Topic (gossip—hot topics—get it?!). Creatively titled "Perez Hilton For Hot Topic," it will include Perezcious Pink and Gossip Gangster flip-flops and range in price from $2 to $50. You know, $50 really is a steal for blog-themed flip-flops...So he's making up for others' sins by giving us nightmares? How democratic of him. Night terrors for all!" [The Cut]

2) Linsday Lohan: The girl is always wearing leggings, so designing a line of leggings does seem like a natural fit for LL. She's casting models today in LA, and is calling "for models with 'diverse, multi-cultural' looks and welcomes 'off beauty.' It also specifies 'no blondes please,'" per Contact Music. She's also not paying these multi-cultural off beauties, which, by the way, why do you have to specify "off beauty" when specifying "multi-cultural"? [Contact Music]