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Discontinued (Soon): Claudia Milan on Abbot Kinney

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Claudia Milan boutique—which carries labels like DVF, Joie, Catherine Malandrino—on Abbot Kinney may be suffering from increasing rents in the area. One shop owner told us that some rents are going for $13,000-$17,000/month now! We noticed the "for lease" sign and tried to casually ask if the boutique was moving locations.

Answer: "Yes."
Are you going to be staying in the area?
Answer: "No."

OK, a bit rude, but it could obviously be a sore subject. Then, a couple comes into the store and is welcomed with a pleasant "Can I help you find anything?" Jeez. Later in the day, we recount this odd interaction with another boutique on the stretch and are told that shoppers have recounted other rude interactions at Claudia Milan: One person said she was told that the boutique "had nothing in her size"; another was told there wasn't "anything in the boutique she could afford." Well, then. Here's to hoping Claudia Milan doesn't move near us. In the meantime, there's much on sale in-store, and we did note an event scheduled for May 20, so seems like it may be a while till full closure. [RackedWire]