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Breaking, Mega Expansion Alert! Whole Foods on West 3rd Street Adding 10,000+ Sq Ft!

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Photo via Arash in LA on Flickr

This just in from a tipster: "Did you realize that Whole Foods is doubling in size? I was emailing with XXX about the high rise proposed for Crescent Hts and Wilshire and I looked at the Neighborhood council agendas and saw the Whole foods remodel and expansion on it. I went to whole foods this morning and they already started. They are taking over the wigs and things, Anna’s linens, and the Thai patio restaurant. This will go a long way to the continued clean up of that strip mall."

So, we go to the Mid City West Community Council Land Use Committee agenda from 4/23 and find the following regarding Whole Foods at 6350 West 3rd Street:

"CUP [Conditional Use Permit] to permit expansion of Whole Foods Market from 29,928 square feet to 41,055 square feet (taking over Anna's Linens, Wigs Today, Frames and lenses (sic), Newsstand and Thai Patio). Ancillary expansion on floor area dedicated to beer and wine sales and increased regularity of win (sic) tasting events."

Across from The Grove, the shopping center is getting increasingly upgraded. Kmart is going to look more and more out of place each day next to a revamped Whole Foods. [Racked Inbox]