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Malled: Glendale Galleria in an Americana World, Part II—Lush, Michael Kors, and the Parking Sitch

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Glendale Galleria is not going down without a fight, people! As we posted earlier this week, the Galleria was busy this weekend, prompting one to ask, could Americana be good for the now other, older mall across the way? The Los Angeles Business Journal that, indeed, the Galleria is making adjustments to the competition with the quickness: "Just a few weeks ago, shoppers walking down a corridor of the Glendale Galleria might have noticed a decidedly downscale store that sold sports caps. Today, the same space is home to Lush, a trendy British beauty boutique that’s new to the United States." Also coming on board is Michael Kors.

The mall's Senior Marketing Director Janet LaFevre told the pub, “Our focus is finding, keeping and bringing to the shopping center retailers that cannot be found anywhere else—whether it’s the first in the world or in California, and that’s what drives people here.” To date, Galleria retail coups included the three-level Target, the Disney Store, and Apple Store. Will the tony shops continue to come is the question, and will the Galleria be able to compete with slickness of Americana at Brand's whole mall package?

On a parking note, a Racked commenter reported: "I went opening day to the Americana. The tragedy is that everyone is parking at the Glendale Galleria which offers free, no hassle parking. The Americana gives you only 1 hour free and is $3 an hour after that. So to add insult to injury The Galleria is losing parking spaces to shoppers who are not shopping their mall." If this continues, our guess is this will lead to the end of free Galleria parking.
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