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Party (S)hopping: MAS Boutique and K.Z.O. Installation Celebration

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MAS Boutique held a public bash over the weekend to celebrate their new K.Z.O. window display, which bears a strong resemblance to the installation we covered at De La Barracuda a few weeks ago, containing the same flat screen TV display and random furniture covered with florescent yellow masking tape. Joel Knoerschild, the Creative Director of K.Z.O., headed to Japan Monday to promote his line and was seen at the party hanging out and taking pictures of friends/business partners Ian Steward and Scott Bossan. Also at the party, wearing head-to-toe K.Z.O. and mingling with guests between sets, were DJ Nate Day and Michael Patrick of music group Designer Drugs. Day had mixed a custom EP for K.Z.O. that was being given away that night as a promo. Knoerschild told Racked his fall collection would also be carried at menswear shop Legion on Larchmont, and they’d be doing another installation celebration when the time came.
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