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Neighborhood Watch: Westwood Village, Take Two

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Guess Westwood is finally looking to revive its ailing retail at Westwood Village. First, we get a tip yesterday: "I was the broker who placed Thrifty Drug Store, now RiteAid, in Westwood Village over 10 years ago, and now there is an application for the store to relocate to the SW corner of Glendon and Weyburn, better known as the Palazzo project across from Expo, Ralphs, etc., and abandon its location on Westwood Blvd. Well, at least something is happening in Westwood Village. This also means that their former location will also be getting a new tenant or tenants. That original deal was a sublease from BofA, and thus the landlords could do very little but accept the change and wait out the 14 remaining years on the lease."

Then, today, the Los Angeles Times reports James S. Rosenfield who "spent years restoring the Brentwood Country Mart and is pushing for a similar approach in Westwood Village." What's in the works for the 1920s-built shopping area? "The 4.3-acre complex, with 50,000 square feet of retail, will soon welcome a Trader Joe's, a drugstore, a coffee shop and two eateries. And for the first year it will offer two hours of free parking to the public." So, the drugstore must be the RiteAid from our tipster. No word on what will take its place on Westwood Boulevard.
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