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Storecasting: Another Famima!! Downtown

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Time for Storecasting, where we give you the latest and greatest of retail coming near you. Spot a new shop, or one being built? Snap a pic and send it on over.

Did someone say steamed pork-filled sticky bun? Downtown is getting its fourth Famima!! come June at 505 South Flower. The modern convenience store—which carries everything from fresh sushi and sandwiches to sleek stationery—will be taking its spot at City National Plaza's underground mall. Per Angelenic, "No word on how many stores the company will be opening in Downtown, but according to a company representative, 'Downtown is a very attractive location.'" The other Downtown locations include California Plaza, Figueroa, and Pacific Center. The double exclamation points may be a bit much, but it seems this is one chain most people would feel that enthusiastic about moving into their neighborhood. Our only frustration is that you can't stop in and grab a bottle of wine or beer when heading to a dinner party. Stock some vino, and then we would freely accept the punctuated excitement. [Angelenic]