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Malled: Glendale Galleria in an Americana World

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Photo via Franklin Avenue

As we chronicled, Americana at Brand opened to a frenzy of shoppers, from lines at Urban Outfitters to H&M, where, per the Glendale News Press, "About 100 shoppers lured by opening day discounts lined up outside...Friday morning. About 10 people at the front of the line had been camped out waiting since 9:30 p.m. Thursday, said Eswin Arana, 29, of Glendale, who was first to enter the store at about 10 a.m."

But Franklin Avenue made some interesting observations regarding the fate of Glendale Galleria (pictured above). First, the signage: "the Glendale Galleria has added a few banners to what had been a random entrance—but is now the gateway to the mall from the Americana." Second, the people: "Inside, on Saturday the Galleria was jam-packed with people. Perhaps, for all of Galleria owner General Growth's handwringing, it's not going to hurt the mall. For starters, as the Galleria makes sure to stress, the original mall still boasts most major retailers, including Banana Republic, Gap, Apple, Target, etc." We'll have to see if shoppers continue to fill the neighboring malls.
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