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Just Hillin': LAT Reveals Its Seedy Underbelly

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Photo via Los Angeles Times

And it begins. The season has come to a close but the fallout is just beginning. The Los Angeles Times just put out an article chronicling the demise of some of 'The Hills' non-star cast members. Which all may sound a bit dramatic, but we're trying to get into the spirit of the thing.

1) Jessica Trent: She's the very thin, dark-haired bot working under Kelly Cutrone, which, by the way, is not supposed be a dig on Trent; bot performance is requisite to working for People's Revolution—do it, do it now, or die. Or at least that's how the whole thing is portrayed. The article recounts an embarrassing moment when Cutrone calls Trent out in a meeting for not securing celeb attendance at the Pussycat Dolls fashion show. Yes, already ridiculous. Star Whitney Port seems to come to the rescue in the scene. Per the LAT, "Not long after Trent's humiliation—in front of more than 3 million viewers—she left People's Revolution and explained her befuddlement in her blog, LA Steel Magnolia.

'Ah well...for some it probably gave them great pleasure to see me appear dimwitted or sad on the mocu-drama, and you know that's fine if it gives some folks some satisfaction. Honestly. For others with more developed minds, they'll see crafty editing turning a real person into some faux dolt persona for the entertainment sake of the televised machine.'

2) Gavin Beasley: Went out to dinner with Lauren Conrad in the third season. Apparently, bad date, he shoved sushi down her throat awkwardly. His response: "'I guess people should just try to remember that this is all entertainment,' he said, claiming the sushi incident was the result of selective editing. 'I'm not the boring dork they made me out to be.'"

3) Elodie Otto: Worked at Bolthouse Productions with Heidi Montag. Wanted to be on TV so befriended her, which, at least she's honest about it. So, what does she do? "Hoping to capitalize on her 15 minutes, Otto quit Bolthouse and started a line of bath and body products, but nothing worked out according to plan. Her time on the show was cut back, and as she waited for a loan to clear on her fledgling company, she tried to find work elsewhere." Oops. It gets messier. She goes back on the show to "fill in a gap in the story line" (which the show won't confirm), and the scene makes her look like she lost out on a job to Montag.
· Former cast members of 'The Hills' complain of bad editing, sudden exits [LAT]