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Lot 44 Lagging After Dark

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New Downtown java spot Lot 44, which sells premium fair trade, organic brew, has been getting a steady flow of customers in the morning and afternoon hours, but is struggling past 5pm. Per Angelenic, Lot 44 might have to consider shortening its hours (open till 10pm Thur-Sat and 8pm Sun-Wed) if things don't pick up. It may be in part its location at 3rd and Spring, but also the $5 cost of some drinks, which have customers "showing reluctance to pay a premium for the gourmet goods. To balance the demand, a new 'Douglas Blend' has been added to the menu for a fair $2.25 a cup—a move that has proven popular." Owner Ariel Graham is hoping incoming Origami Sushi Bar will increase traffic. [Angelenic]