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Party (S)hopping: Lauren Bush Celebrates FEED 100 at Whole Foods

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Monday night, model/philanthropist Lauren Bush and former World Food Program Communications Officer Ellen Gustafson hosted an intimate gathering at Whole Foods Lifestyle store in West Hollywood to discuss their FEED 100 project. When you purchase one of the reusable totes, which they designed, you feed 100 school lunches to children in Rwanda. The girls’ goal is to sell 580K bags (430K have already been purchased by Whole Foods). If the goal is reached, it will raise enough money to pay for all Rwandan children school lunches for the entire year 2008.

Celebrity guests, including Marcia Cross and Elizabeth Berkley, forfeited designer handbags for the evening and stashed their stuff in the burlap reusable totes, chatting to party guests about the functionality and cuteness of the FEED 100 bags. Berkley demonstrated how it unfolds from a small clutch into a large sized tote and talked about how easy it is to get involved in such a worthwhile cause: “Some people think it's all or nothing, but it's OK to start small.”

Before the party came to a close, Lauren and Ellen shyly asked guests to come into the store from the patio to watch their three-minute video, which documented their trip to Rwanda and showed the school children that would benefit from the program. Although the party served food and cocktails, had a live performance by Amy Kuney and offered complimentary Henna tattoos, Lauren and Ellen kept the focus on their project. By the end of the night, there was a line ten deep of shoppers purchasing totes and jesting “I just fed one hundred school children, what did you do last night?”
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