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Neighborhood Watch: West 3rd Street's Future Looking More Like Robertson

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A rendering of the block on West 3rd Street, between Harper and Sweetzer, is three levels

West 3rd Street had its block party last night, which we'll shortly post about, but, first, the big retail/real estate news of the night. Looks like Dembo & Associates is out to change the face of the street, by tearing down the block at 8231 West 3rd Street, between Harper and Sweetzer, and erecting a three-level 24,000-square-foot retail/office building with two levels of underground parking (rendering shown above). Who's not going to be happy with this? For one, tenants Ethel boutique and Flight 001, who will have to move. Also, Toast, which is just on the other side of Harper, will be very compromised in terms of outdoor seating during a lengthy—retail availability in the new space is slated for early 2010!—construction process. Inno boutique just down from Toast on Harper will be very affected as well. Not to mention people who live and work in the area—construction and debris, resulting traffic. The downloadable flyer on is listing $6/sf/month for ground level rent and $4/sf/month for upper level rents. West 3rd Street current retailers think this could mean an influx of chain stores, which will raise rests and oust the indie boutiques. [RackedWire]