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Sellebrity Shops: Lindsay Lohan Buys Kiddie Clothes at Rodan vs Griffith

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The West 3rd Street block party was definitely over by the time Lindsay Lohan and a crew of friends rolled into Rodan vs Griffith, sometime around 10pm last night. Lindsay and her friends were like shopping soldiers—speeding up to the curve, coming to an abrupt stop, and moving from vehicle to store in seconds. They were in diving-from-paparazzi mode, even though there were just a few people outside the boutique, drinking margaritas and smoking cigarettes. They came. They conquered. Apparently, Lindsay spent around $400, including something from kids line Punkster Acoustic. And then they were gone. It was impressive to witness that sort of high-level shopping professionalism. Like they arrived, they sped off, making an odd, slightly comical double-u-turn, before heading west down the street. [RackedWire]