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Block Party, West 3rd Street's (Sorta) Late Night

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Like much of LA retail, West 3rd Street shops generally shut down around 7pm, leaving only restaurants and a couple bars open. A couple times a year, the retailers host a block party from 6pm-9pm, which gives the area a new energy, simply because there are people filling the streets and later opportunities for commerce. The juicy moments for us from last night's block party were finding out about the new real estate/retail developments on the block and catching Lindsay Lohan on a determined shopping mission, but we chronicled as much via photos here. People can't help being tempted by food freebies, so the taco trucks at Douglas Fir and Rodan vs Griffith, and the gelato stand at Noodle Stories garnered crazy lines. And people were washing it down with beer, wine, champagne, margaritas and sangria. That being said, there was plenty of shopping going on as well: Ethel, Aero & Co, OK, Polkadots & Moonbeams, and others were flush with customers. This is when we feel retail envy for true late-night cities like NYC, where you can sleep less and browse more.
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Douglas Fir

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