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Revealed! Linda Loudermilk Renderings

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Back in March, we contacted eco-designer Linda Loudermilk's PR to see if we could find out anything about her yet-to-be-opened boutique at Melrose and Flores. The response? "Unfortunately, we do not have an update. We do not anticipate going back to this project until later this year, which means the opening date would be sometime in 2009." One of our Curbed colleagues just uncovered these renderings of the two-story, 4,200-square-foot boutique from Tighe Architecture, which are quite intriguing. The site also gives us some vital information about the shop, which includes retail space on the first floor; a salon for private viewing/fittings and offices on the second floor; a rooftop garden; a solar canopy, providing shelter on the deck and power for the building; as well as eco-minded building systems, in which "reclaimed / recycled / rapidly renewable materials and solar technology are some of the components that are used to meet the desired LEED certification criteria." It does look pretty spectacular. Between HLNR and this, LA is really putting out some significant eco-minded architecture for its retail.
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