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Malled: No (Big) Dogs Allowed at Americana

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Family-friendly Americana at Brand is already not looking so lovingly at Fido if he's not the size of a teacup. Franklin Avenue reports on letters coming into the Glendale News-Press complaining about Americana's no big-dog policy, "The Americana at Brand's recent ad campaign has featured illustrations of stylish women walking their dogs across the shopping center's courtyard...but ads have also run in the Glendale News-Press that illustrated Americana patrons with much larger dogs."

Quoting from a letter: "I live one block from the Americana and have been looking forward to its opening. I saw it to be a place that we could walk to in the evenings with the family and our dog and enjoy the surroundings. Wednesday night we took the dog (a Great Dane) for her walk over to the Americana. We were stopped by a rent-a-cop and were told we had to leave the Americana because our dog was too large. We pointed out to this young man that no signs were posted at any of the entrances that no dogs were allowed, let alone the size of the dog. He informed us that if you cannot carry the dog you cannot bring the dog in." So, even Snoopy would probably be a no-go at Americana.
· Big Dogs Not Allowed at the Americana? [Franklin Avenue]