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Behold BlackBerry Bold

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Are you excited or is that a BlackBerry Bold in your pocket? The tech blogs are buzz, buzz, buzzing with the official announcement of the latest, sleekest, sexiest BlackBerry to be released in June. Racked NYC gives the deets: "The Bold boasts a slew of upgrades from its predecessor, the BlackBerry Curve, such as that it'll support tri-band 3G high-speed networks worldwide and have a better web browser than previous 'Berries. Plus, it's prettier. Plus, unless you work at a company with a very promiscuous tech buying department, this is the one you can expense. On the other hand, there's the iPhone in all of its shiny, touchscreeny, Appletacular glory." It's hard to beat "touchscreeny" and "Appletacular." [Racked NYC]