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Invite-Only Shopping: Allegra Hicks and Lorenz Baumer

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Katie Traina and husband, film producer Todd Traina, lent their home to fashion designer Allegra Hicks and French jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer for their Autumn/Winter 2008 Trunk Show on Wednesday. Their PR told Racked that they had a steady trickle of customers all day, which allowed for an intimate and personal shopping and viewing experience for attendees. Hicks greeted guests kindly, and shyly admitted to being "fabulously bad" at discussing her designs, but took us through her entire collection, pointing out her favorite details with a modest confidence and a delicate elegance that was also apparent in her clothing.

She stressed how easy to wear the majority of the pieces were, and then called attention to reoccurring patterns that showed up in either embroidered or printed form. Her winter color palette consisted of mostly blacks, eggplant and blue, but a few pieces dared to adorn both metallic and fur details. She also had her summer collection on display, which is now available for purchase in stores.

One room over, designer Lorenz Baumer helped guests select the perfect piece from his breathtaking display of fine jewelry. “As you can see, I love color,” he said, as he showed us his favorite piece, a pink and red Betta Fish with stones set in yellow gold. If fish rings aren’t your style, you can also find everything from strawberry earrings to seahorse brooches. Baumer somehow manages to take something as whimsical as a corn on the cob pin and make it the most refined accessory you’ve ever seen. But the "safer" pieces seemed to be the crowd’s favorites, such as the floral enamel bracelet, perfect for Spring. Whether in the market for such bling-age or not, his site is worth checking out, simply for the wow-factor.
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