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Now Open: Known LA on West 3rd Street

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Known LA on West 3rd Street officially opened today. Though not fully stocked—as seen by the somewhat spare interior thus far—you'll find merch such as Gucci vintage luggagefrom the '60s , Louis Vuitton pieces from the '70s, Claw Money glasses and jackets constructed from silk scarves, and GoldSpun denim. On the horizon are a four-piece Gucci luggage set, LV handbags from the '30s, PRPS women's apparel, and a pre-launch party party next Friday, April 18 from 8pm-midnight. That's not a typo either, it's a pre-party for the launch party, which won't be till May. Because, as owner Moonshine says: "We like to party." Note the late-night shopping hours below.
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