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Kenneth Cole's Awearness Party, Light on Awareness

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West 3rd Street: A slew of B-listers came out Thursday night to Kenneth Cole's Beverly Center shop to support The Awearness Fund—its mission to “raise awareness for various socially relevant issues.” Currently, the non-profit is putting the bulk of its efforts towards HIV/AIDS research and fighting homelessness. Kenneth Cole's Awearness Blog, launched in January 2008, offers post after post of social issues affecting all of us, but none of these topics seemed to be on anyone’s mind Thursday night.

Most recognizable and most watched party-goer was The Hills' Audrina Patridge, who was trying on sunglasses with her friends. The one display of Awearness merchandise—a table of political t-shirts for $35 a pop, $10 of it going directly to the Awearness Fund (and still available for purchase in-store)—received little attention. Sadly, there was a bigger buzz over the deep-fried mac ‘n' cheese balls than the “Think Negative” tee. With the cocktails flowing and music playing at club volume, it was a great party—the only thing missing was the awareness. [RackedWire]