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Storecasting: Known LA Opening Wednesday

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Storecasting is where you'll find which stores are coming your way soon. See something opening up near you? Snap a pic and send it our way.

West 3rd Street: Known LA on West 3rd Street is set to open Wednesday, April 9. We caught up with owner Moonshine Sunday afternoon, while he and others were just beginning to fill the racks. He said the shop won't yet be fully stocked, but already has in selections of PRPS and Evisu Deluxe denim, Claw Money silk jackets and eyewear, heritage line No Mas, and Japanese brand Natural Born Killers. To come—luggage, home furnishings and accessories in the next few months. Moonshine also plans on offering fabric-covered shelves, which he's had custom-made for the boutique. The website is already up at, with ecommerce commencing April 10. [RackedWire]
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