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Big-Time Developer Taking Over Larchmont Village, Independent Retailers Suffer

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Larchmont Village has been feeling the pressure of big retail development since developer Albert Mizrahi purchased multiple building in the area (one for $6.5 million), prompting petition letters in storefront windows as reports of chain restaurants were coming in. And, today, the Larchmont Chronicle reports that nine tenants have received notices of rent increases, including Larchmont Village Jewelers and Melissa Levinson Antiques, both going up from $7,000/month to $25,000/month. Neither shop can afford those prices, and others such as custom frame shop A Silver Lining, Floret Florist, Z Pizza and Sam's Bagels are also affected, with some closing up shop and some relocating. Though retailers don't necessarily think the changes are all bad, as Larchmont Village Jewelers owner Norma Blunt told the paper: "it's probably doing to be fabulous," she also contends, "There's a huge amount of anger... It's all very sad." Also marking the shift in the neighborhood are lofts coming in at Larchmont and Melrose.
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