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RackedWire: American Apparel Casting Call, Another H&M, New Venice Kids Boutique

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DOWNTOWN— It's amazing how a simple casting call comes off as lascivious from American Apparel. From The American Apparel Daily Update: "We're putting out another call for fresh faces to model for our new vintage store, California Select. We're looking for both guys and girls in the LA area who can come out to the factory for a few hours." [Insert creepy-man voice here:] Yeah, just come on down to the factory, girls and guys. All we need is a few hours to get what we need. And for the participants, it seems in lieu of payment, get some vintage clothes, "an American Apparel style photo collection," and 50% off American Apparel for a month. [The American Apparel Daily Update]

3RD STREET PROMENADE— From a tipster, more H&M and a Pinkberry relocation: "Just wanted to let you guys know [just in case yo didn't] that there will be an H&M opening on the 3rd St. Promenade. And the Pinkberry location that was in that article has changed to its new location, right next to the H&M." Indeed, H&M's Facebook page confirms the future opening: "Santa Monica, CA: 1454 Third Street Promenade, FALL 2008" [Racked Inbox]

ABBOT KINNEY— News from Yo! Venice is that artist Elizabeth Paige Smith has moved her atelier and is no longer on Abbot Kinney, but is available by appointment. Also, a new children's clothing store, Eden's Green Closet, will be open softly tomorrow. From the sign on the window: "I buy, sell, and trade clothing. Bring your child’s gently used, good quality clothing and chances are, I’ll offer you cash on the spot, or store credit. I have new and used name brand and high-end children’s clothing and gear. I sell accessories and books as well as some other items for parents." [Yo! Venice]