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American Apparel's Vintage Push, California Select Now Online

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American Apparel's vintage shop, California Select seems to be making a greater push to sell itself. First, we noticed "The magic wand! Ooh la la!" marquee signage on the Echo Park California Select store, and now we get an email informing us we can shop the vintage store online. When you go to the site, you see some vintage selections with description and price, which then directs you to the eBay shop with a healthy selection of men's and women's, much of it priced at $9.99 on up to $68, currently. Fans of American Apparel's kids-in-'80s-nylon-short-shorts styling will like California Select vintage, which is where American Apparel gets its inspiration anyway. BTW, is a hairy Ben Affleck moonlighting as a Cali Select eBay model? [RackedWire]