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Zooey, Scarlett, Agyness, Rock Star Material?

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Famous fashion-y types are grabbing the mic for their turn at rock star fame, who's album would you buy?

She & Him play at the Barneys Loomstate party in Beverly Hills

1) Zooey Deschanel: With that dark hair and round, razor blue eyes, the actress who's wooed her audiences from Almost Famous to her turn on Weeds, has teamed up with M. Ward to become She & Him, with its vintage country-indie sound. Definitely worth a listen in our opinion. [She & Him]

2) Scarlett Johansson: The screen siren is covering Tom Waits songs on album Anywhere I Lay My Head—notably produced by TV On The Radio's David Andrew—now available on pre-order for release in May. The verdict is still out, but check out her very self-indulgent video here for a little (sour) taste. [Rhino Records]

3) Agyness Deyn: The model which fashion media are completely obsessed with because she actually has a style of own and a personality, has announced she's going to cut a track "Who" with New York band Five O'Clock Heroes. Per Fashionista, the model is "dancing around in the upcoming promo video, and probably being really, really, ridiculously good looking on the cover to be released June 23rd." Well, then, as long as she looks good. [Fashionista]