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New High (M)art's "World Fringe," More Info, Plus In-Store Line Nehima Launches

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An exclusive piece by Peggy Noland for "World Fringe"

In March, we posted that the New High (M)art's next installment would be "World Fringe: An Ethno, Boho, Afro, Pow-Wow"—a nine-week run, featuring multiple artists. Here's the lowdown: New High (M)art, which features designer-in-residence store installments, is having its first in a series of what it calls "thematic moments," in which it culls together independent designers and products around a central theme, much like a gallery would have a group show. Co-owner T-RIK is quick to make the distinction between what NH(M) does and a pop-up store, as NH(M) is a permanent store, which closes only to re-envision the space for the next show. From T-RIK: "We're consciously trying to distance ourselves from that pop-up word, as it doesn't entirely apply to what we're doing anymore and it's also getting a bit tired." Point taken. The designers on-board for "World Fringe," which debuts this Saturday, April 5, includes locals Society for Rational Dress, Cavern, Whitehorse Couture, The Battalion, Brian Lichtenberg, Goddollars, Telfar and Death/Traitors from New York, Peggy Noland from Missouri, Marvin y Quetzal from Mexico, and Nehima, NH(M)'s in-store line of women's and men's separates launching that night. Expect lots of prints, patterns, colors, textures and a global vibe. [Racked Inbox]
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